Career Questing

It took ugly crying to my Director of Sales over the phone this week to realize that I. am. burned. out. I’ve reached the end of my rope emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. The thing of it is though,  I believe the situation I find myself in now is of my own making. Of course… Continue reading Career Questing

In pursuit of peace

Can I tell you something? This past month has not been easy. My Grandma recently passed away. She went peacefully in her sleep at 92 years old. This, I am thankful for. I know she was ready. She once asked me what I thought heaven was like. I think going to heaven is a lot like… Continue reading In pursuit of peace


My husband, daughter, and I had a rare weekend all to ourselves. I love our big Mexican family and I usually look forward to the surprise family adventures in store each weekend. But sometimes it’s also nice to reconnect as a separate, more intimate, family unit. This weekend we did nothing very exciting. In other words, nothing… Continue reading Contentment