Live simply so that others can simply live.  -Ghandi

My love of thrifting is more than my desire to look good. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fashion blog and I mean, come on, I live in LA where everyday life is a fashion show. Here thrift store shopping is relatively easy because of all the fashionable discarded items that wind up in second hand clothing stores. Yet in my heart I knew there must be something more to my love of thrift stores. So I read, reflected, and prayed and finally discovered why thrifting means so much to me. I spoke before about how thrifting is something my Grandma taught me but more than being frugal, she instilled in me a profound respect for, and consideration of, how other people around the world live. My Grandma’s simple lifestyle was the direct result of two things: global perspective and love. She knew she may never be able to directly address world poverty, starvation, war, inequality. Yet she recognized her ability to “live simply so that others can simply live”. In her community and around the globe, my Grandma made a lasting impact. She will probably never know it and others may not recognize her for it but I love the fact that all her life she chose to live a simple life out of consideration for others. She valued the clothes on her back, the food on her table, and truly lived out “reduce, reuse, and recycle”.  Because of my Grandma, my outfits are (typically, though there are a few exceptions, read, leather handbags) socially conscience and for that I am thankful. It’s not something I’m 100% perfect at but I’m working on living as my Grandma did – simply.

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