cute cloth on a dime

Growing up, shopping at the thrift store was so not cool. Though I can say with complete honesty that second hand clothing made up 97% of my childhood wardrobe. My Grandma was my primary caretaker until I was about nine years old.  Having lived through the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, she believed in making each and every penny count. So I perused second hand clothing racks with Grandma over the course of 28 years and, although it took a while, I eventually came to fall in love with thrifting. See, there is even a cool word for it now. I love fashion  but I am not a fashion blogger. Gosh no. I’m just a girl on a budget trying to look halfway decent who thinks second hand finds are pretty nifty (Grandma’s word, not mine).  I created this space as a way to document my thrifted finds in my own little corner of the Internet.

Everything I am wearing in the picture I bought at a thrift store. Except the skirt. The skirt I got at Ross.

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