out of doors in the city


My love of being “out of doors in the city” came about during a time when I felt like I needed a clearer life perspective and an open space to breathe. I love my my husband, my two stepsons, and my baby girl. I enjoy going to work and what I do but life isn’t perfect and, in my own, there are still a lot of waiting seasons. Seasons where God invites me to co-labor alongside Him in the fulfillment of my dreams so that the dreams of my heart are plowed, harrowed, and then left untouched. Instead of fulfillment there is waiting and God’s pause feels permanent. I know delay is not denial. As a child I spent my summers nestled in the heartland of Illinois farmlands. I understand of the concept of allowing the ground to lie fallow in an effort to naturally enrich the land. I know the truth of what is happening but it still feels as though the pause is permanent. And in writing this I now know why I turn to the out of doors for comfort. 10654840_1535919316724526_1357719097_n.jpg

I need to see, with my own eyes, a place where growth happens naturally and unhurried. Where tiny seeds grow to magnificent heights. I need to meet Jesus in the garden and hear him whisper, ” Just because it has not happened yet does not mean it never will”. I’m still walking through this season and there are days when hope is harder to come by. It is on these days that you will find me out of doors in the city, pursuing peace and seeking beauty.


The most awesome street sign


A wooded cityscape


A view of the sunset from Sunset Blvd.

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