My husband, daughter, and I had a rare weekend all to ourselves. I love our big Mexican family and I usually look forward to the surprise family adventures in store each weekend. But sometimes it’s also nice to reconnect as a separate, more intimate, family unit. This weekend we did nothing very exciting. In other words, nothing very “Instagram or Pinterest worthy”. Friday we walked to the farmers market and stopped to eat at a taco truck on the way home. Saturday morning I met up with a friend for coffee, we hung out at the library with our little ones and then I came home and peeled sweet potatoes in our living room. Sunday was then spent eating homemade menudo with our family and doing cartwheels outside with my niece.

Amidst all the glossy Instagram feeds it is sometimes hard to enjoy the largely uneventful but peaceful moments that, when you look closer, hold so much love, joy, and laughter. My husband caught me this weekend focusing too much on the picture perfect Instagram lives of people I do not even know. He lovingly called me out and drew me back into contentment. These pictures are a few quiet moments captured this weekend. From now on I firmly resolve to choose contentment and, Lord help, to fall even more in love with my not so picture perfect life.


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