Little Free Library

A couple months ago my husband and I were driving our daughter to her doctor’s appointment when I noticed a Little Free Library  in someone’s front yard. With a high pitched squeal and much exuberant pointing out the window, I signaled my husband to pull over. It was a cute welcoming little house with a friendly note inviting visitors to check out a book.  I fell in love and wanted to make one of our own. It was a family project. My husband and Almita’s Tia Martha built the little house and I painted it. We chose different shades of green on the outside and bright pink on the inside as a nod to our Almita’s nickname. We call her our Little Watermelon.

The idea is you take or “check out” a book and then, if you like, you leave one in its place. I have so many books currently gathering dust in the closet and now I get to share them with our neighbors. It’s perfect. We used scraps of leftover wood we already had, but you can also purchase a kit. To learn more, visit their website at

Casita Verde - Raquel (2)

Casita Verde - Raquel (1)

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