“It’s not money that makes you well-dressed – it’s understanding” – Christian Dior

It’s my prayer that my little girl understands where she comes from and so today, along with this embroidered peasant blouse, she will also wear her mother’s whispered prayer.

I pray, little girl, you grow up knowing your raíces.  You are two parts Mexican American and, if we are going by bloodlines, one part German American. In terms of cultural influence, however, you are two parts Mexican American, one part Swiss American. The Master Craftsman wove together the supple threads of these heritages and knit you together in my womb to produce a green eyed baby with the lungs of Don Chente and the color of your Swiss Grandmother’s skin.

I pray you honor the history of your parents and grandparents so that you live long in the land. This place is not a physical home. It is something much richer that you can carry with you in your heart no matter where your travels lead. Daughter, you will never be homeless. Your heart rests in a home not made by human hands but by life experience and a kind and generous heavenly Father. You will live forever in a peaceful habitation and a secure dwelling place.Yes, little girl, you will know your raíces and strong roots make beautiful trees.DSC_0034

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