Something different

This year our family chose something different. I am the stepmother of two boys and their mom gently mentioned she would rather the boys not celebrate Halloween. This initially saddened me. I love the fall season, dressing up in costume and, let’s be honest, the candy. Her request though got me thinking.
There is so much darkness in this world and, in recent years, so much hype surrounding all things spooky. From the Halloween horror parks to the New Age Movement and Illuminati. I know there also exists the premise that Halloween is now an innocent children’s holiday, but still. As co-parents we all decided not to celebrate Halloween this year. But how to explain this to our children?
Isaiah, Elijah, & Alma
We are going to let our little lights shine this year by setting ourselves apart from Halloween and its spookiness. Instead, this fall season we will celebrate a God who joys in the harvest and rains down blessings from heaven. This means the Halloween holiday goes. But the fun stays! 
Will you get to dress up in costume? Yes! 
Will there be trick or treating? No my heart, no trick or treating this year. But there will be a fall festival!
Will there be decorations? Yes!
Will there be games? Yes! 
Will there be delicious things to eat? Yes! 
What do you tell your friends if they ask why you don’t celebrate Halloween? Well, really this is up to you but it may be a wonderful opportunity to share the fact that you may not be celebrating Halloween but you are celebrating the many blessings God gave you this fall season. This and that they are invited to your family’s fall festival! 
So we are throwing what I hope will be our first annual fall festival and we are all very much excited.

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