birthday love

Heart-healing is no easy feat. The past couple years were a journey my heart made on foot through difficult terrain. There were dark valleys and strenuous uphill treks. Two years later I look back and think of the hard-won battles Jesus marched me through. I was a frontline foot soldier contending for my own emotional and spiritual healing. It was hard, it hurt, and it was exhausting. There were beautiful moments to be sure and grace covered me and carried me through. It was still hard. Marked by moments of staring fear in the face, of heart-wrenching sacrifice, of trusting God when current circumstances still seemed so broken. Yet, God. He is unbelievably kind and tender and so loving that somehow He made this difficult journey the most beautiful and life-giving two-year experience. Some pretty amazing things happened and I am in awe of the God I love. So on my birthday I decided to share some highlights that have occurred since my last birthday. Moments that are my “spoils of war” you might say.

Finally mourning the loss of my mom in an extremely personal and courageous way. This was hard! An introvert by nature, it was hard painting my inside feelings on the outside.
tears day VI photo cred @sailubju

Starting my IwishU card shop on Etsy and being ok with it still being a work in progress.

Graduating from Expression58’s School of Ministry.

Modeling for my very best friend’s boutique, Sailubju!
sailubju photo cred @sailubju

Sailing the seas of [step] motherhood.
stepmom photo cred @sailubju

And of course, beginning an entirely new adventure with the man I love.
10490337_10154289862365106_1108043415_n photo cred @sailubju


2 thoughts on “birthday love

  1. GOD IS SO GOOD. I PRAY THIS KIND OF FAVOR OVER YOU AGAIN, THAT THIS YEAR IS JUST AS BLESSED. Glory to glory. Love you, sweet beautiful sister.

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