learning love with Sailubju


I asked Faith what sacrifices went along with pursuing and ultimately realizing this dream of opening Sailubju:

“My three hardest sacrifices to pursue this dream were, time spent with my family, pursuing a progressive career in human resources (the field I currently work in), and the uncertainty and insecurity that goes along with opening a new business”

Her answers speak to the fact that dreams require sacrificial love. Dreams require perseverance. Dreams require protection and a special kind of love that conquers tedium, monotony, and time. Your dreams require your faithfulness and fidelity. Is this not the perfect kind of everyday heroism that we all search for? Yearn for? Dreams require an unfailing kind of love.

Today I thought it would be fun to showcase pictures of the “making of” Sailubju. When Sailubju was only a hand painted sign that hung over her bed. When Sailubju was getting up every morning and heading out to the backward where she and her sister would take quick snapshots of whatever outfits they had casually thrown together that morning.

This is what I learned from Faith, never stop taking those baby steps towards your dreams for one day you’ll learn to run.





Love is patient
1 Corinthians 13:4

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