God loves you and sailubju too


Sailubju is childlike wonder and wisdom rolled into a three syllable whimsy. My mission here on this blog is to communicate love through my words. So when Faith first shared the story behind the name of her boutique my first thought was that it was absolutely, magically, perfect.

Today I present to you Faith’s story behind the name, Sailubju.


“Hey! Remember when you were little and you didn’t know how to speak any language, neither english nor tagalog – and you said ‘i love you’ like ‘say-lub-joo’ ?!” said my sister,

“But, but,…say-lub-joo”, I said sweetly and abashed in response.


We are a whimsy family of three, my sister, mom and me… and in August 2013 we opened the doors of Sailubju, a vintage and new, fashion boutique in the quaint historical town of Old Pasadena.

Our store was made with the intention of making our tiny corner of the world just a little more beautiful. It’s our hope that the country cottage atmosphere of our store lends a familial sense of belonging to our customers. We feel that in a world as busy as ours there should be a few quiet corners that offer respite to weary wanderers.


What you’ve heard is true, Sailubju is a made up word. You will not find it in the dictionary, or in any well-known literary prose. But maybe, just maybe, it could serve as a reminder for both you and for me, that there is One whose love transcends all language barriers. There is One who speaks the hidden language of heart:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

God loves you and sailubju too.


2 thoughts on “God loves you and sailubju too

  1. Ah! I wanna go there and see this lovely place! 🙂 and what a sweet name! I pray the boutique ministers to many people, and that the Lord keeps your friends filled up in the process. ♡

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