There is nothing like a dream to create the future.
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

This blog is my very own dream come true. Dreams are so very important. This week I am going to pause The Sacredness of Tears series to honor someone who continues to partner with me in my dreams. She is the talented photographer behind The Sacredness of Tears. She taught me about loyalty, she has shown me what true friendship looks like, and together we’ve sown tears of heartache and hope. This week’s posts are meant to be a grand thank you to my friend, Faith Gabriel-Svabö.


It was Faith’s valiant, unwavering, pursuit of her God-given dreams that first captivated my heart and drew me to her. It is what I want to share to with you, with the whole world. How one little girl partnered with the Great Divine Heart and set out to save the world and take the fashion industry by storm. How? Love – of course. Love, plain and simple.

This week it is my honor to present Faith’s dream come true that is the vintage & new fashion boutique, Sailubju.

More to come tomorrow!




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