the sacredness of tears day VIII



You dared to yield your womb to the heartbeat of heaven

Though you were afraid you chose courage over despair

I know this because you are smiling in all your pictures

Your smile is hope personified

Ravaging sickness did not diminish the exquisite gentleness of your spirit
Even in the face of death you were captivating

Your beauty alone moved the heart of God
And commissioned angel armies to wage war on anguish and terror

You were securely anchored
Even in the face of certain loss
You loved deeply

You were a laid down lover
For the 37 years you lived, you were heaven on earth

Your love is my legacy
My love is invincible
It is not frightened by danger or pain
My smile is the hope of heaven
I am beautiful
I am protected
I am a warrior well prepared for battle
I am my mother’s daughter and I’m me

I am a laid down lover destined for eternity

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