The Whisperer

There once was a Princess who did not know she lived among the stars. In fact, she did not even know she was royalty. Each night she looked up at the stars with silent yearning. If only there was a way to know what it was like to shine as brilliantly as the lights of the night sky. She lived underneath the stars and each night looked up at the midnight sky with longing. There was a little-big hole in her heart. One night when the stars were shining their brightest she woke up to a silent whisper,

“The problem is, you do not know you live among the stars”.

She sleepily responded, “I sit ‘neath them each night”.

“You do not sit beneath. You live among.” replied The Whisperer amused.

“Mere terminology”, she thought sarcastically.

“Would you like Me to show you?” it was a polite invitation.

“Very much so”, she responded, sounding disinterested.


Suddenly she found herself looking at her home surrounded by stars.

“You live among the stars. And if only you knew how brightly you shine…”
sang the soft voice of The Whisperer.

“It might help us to understand how God relates to time if we think about the way we view the stars…He chose long ago to make us glorious like Him”
The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

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