i wish you a love that endures

Love endures.

Love endures grumpy morning moods, cheeky comments and stinging word pebbles carelessly spewed in the heat of an argument. Conversely, love also endures annoyingly sunny morning moods, teary-eyed comments and overly mushy love proclamations made after an argument. Love endures mundane every day, grownup, life conversations about things like car insurance, dental appointments, and ceiling fan purchases.

Within friendships -stretched beyond reasonable measure over wide deep chasms of varying business plans, marketing agendas, and profit and loss sheets – Love is meant to endure.

Within family relationships- worn weary by differing opinions of theology, familial responsibility, financial responsibility, dinner menus, grocery lists, home repair, Holiday planning and air plane tickets- Love is meant to endure.

Love is meant to endure at the office, at the library (where not-so-friendly librarians seem to take pleasure in saying, “Your books are past due”), at the grocery store, and on the highway (grrr). Even when I make complete sense and my fiancé does not understand me, sigh, love is meant to endure.

On one particular day -when I was finding it very, extremely, grotesquely, difficult for my limited, merely mortal, love to endure- I stubbornly asked God whyyy I needed to show love to a not-so-loveable-at-the-moment person. “Because”, was The response, “I love you at all times”.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
I Corinthians 13:7

Dear World, I wish you a love that endures.

P.S. Yes, love believes all things and, yes, love hopes all things, but each of these two statements warrant two separate and entirely different thought processes.

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