i wish you safe passage

The city of San Francisco occupies a very special place in my heart. It’s the city I stepped out on my own in, the city that houses my alma mater, and the city that nurtured my fondness for coffee house conversation, used book stores, and chilly foggy mornings. It’s also where I met my ex-husband. Since my divorce it’s been hard to find a way back to the city I love. I used to recall fond memories of time spent in this city and I called these remembrances “home”. Walking through those memories now is a bit like returning to what you remember was a quaint, cozy, town only to find it changed for the worst- a ghost town. Making my way back, not only to the city itself but to the mere memories of the city, was a bridge my heart was not able to cross.

But then this week happened.

This week I had the opportunity to catch up with a friend from college. We shared good conversation over ‘KindKreme’ and I found she still holds the city of San Francisco in the same heartfelt esteem I once did. I also received a note from my college roommate that was sweetly encouraging and reminded me of the time we went and took goofy pictures by the Golden Gate. Now, as I remember the good conversation, heartfelt esteem, and goofy pictures, well, it was a bit like going home.

God is so tender in His healing I sometimes hardly feel it while it’s happening. It’s only now as I quietly reflect that I am able to look up at Him and say, “You were there weren’t you…you planned this”. I didn’t want to admit it even to myself but I thought this city was lost to me.

Now the Golden Gate Bridge stirs my heart with each glance. For me it will always serve as a reminder that no matter the obstacle God is both willing and able to grant safe passage.

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11

Dear World, I wish you safe passage.

2 thoughts on “i wish you safe passage

  1. Great work loved it thank you for sharing your story don’t ever stop love.Psalms 34: 7 The Lord ‘s angel camps around the Lord ‘s loyal followers and delivers them.

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