i wish you a ladder to reach the sky

Usually I wake up thinking about everything that must get done that day and usually, before I even get out of bed, I begin the day feeling defeated. I dig myself right into a cozy little hole of worry that I am stuck in for the rest of the day.

The other day I asked my best friend what he prays about to God in secret. I was expecting something truly scandalous and I was anticipating his answer with great excitement and expectation. He looked at me as though he wasn’t sure he wanted to tell and then said calmly, “I pray a lot about anxiety”. This man is calm, gentle, and generally doesn’t ever seem to be worried about anything. I knew he dealt with anxiety and depression in the past but had no idea it was something that still weighs on his heart. He said every morning he says something like, “No anxiety today, I know that God has everything under control”- a true and positive statement. I asked him if it elminates anxiety completely, “No”, he said, “but when I feel anxious or depressed I think about it like a ladder and I try to take one step up at a time”.

It’s just that worrying, for me- because I made it a habit- is comfortable. Choosing to hoist myself up out of my cozy little hole of worry takes effort. Stepping up is sometimes difficult. I’m still working on this, in fact, this morning was really the first morning I tried this “one step at a time” thing. Maybe though, having taken out my ladder and having resolved to try to step up, I will one day reach the sky.

This is the day the Lord hath made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Dear World, I wish you a ladder to reach the sky.

2 thoughts on “i wish you a ladder to reach the sky

  1. Once again you have inspired me to continue to work on myself your words are so genuine and well put don’t ever stop expressing your thoughts. Eres un Corazon Tu Amo Mi Vida

    1. We are both working on being that right person for each other instead of relying on each other to be the right person (if that makes sense). Thank you for continuing to learn with me how to love each other through Christ. Love you.

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